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UPDATE [02 Jun 2005|08:35am]




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[18 Aug 2004|07:38pm]

[ mood | sad ]

sorry, this place is dead. :(

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[15 Aug 2004|08:03pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

My computer desk is broken! And Im bored! And Im hungry! And Im sad! :(

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UPDATED LINK!!! more shameful advertising! [03 Aug 2004|04:42pm]
[ mood | excited ]

hey guys: a really good friend of mine needs a bit of help right now. read his message below and if you’re interested, email him at meetmethere_intheblue@msn.com. he is such an amazing artist/designer and all of his stuff is made really well and from scratch.

p.s. i own one of his wallets and it’s totally sturdy with lots of pockets and i always get complimented on it by random people.

xoxo --> vicky

and even if you're not interested, pass on the message, thanks!

listen friends, i need some help! as some of you may know, i cannot get a job for the fucking life of me!! i have sent in numerous resumes and applications and all that shit! i even had two jobs in as many weeks and i was released from both of them, which has never happened in my life! anyways, i need money! and i know that the only way to get some is to sell the things that i make while being home for the days that i am.

so here it is, i am selling wallets and fanny packs! the wallets are more geared towards girls, but the fanny packs are for everyone! the wallets are vinyl and have black stitching. the fanny packs are black denim with white stitching. they both fucking rock as designs go! i have only one picture of the wallet, but a few of the fanny packs!

the wallets are $15 for the original design, white vinyl w/black stitching. $20 for custom colors, as in the vinyl and stitching1 let me know what colors if you want a custom wallet. as for as the fanny packs go, they are $35. they are black denim with white stitching, black straps, black fasteners, black zippers and polka dot fabric on the inside. they are all well made from me being a perfectionist! so don't worry about them falling apart or some shit! i can send them all over the states, being that shipping is not much. if anyone does want one where i cannot get it to them in person, i will make the shipping free!

so what a fucking deal, you could end up with a fanny pack and matching wallet for $50! we could negotiate the prices a little, but not much! thanks for your time. much love to those are interested. and if you are...which all of you should be, get in touch with me and go to...


i know the pictures suck, but i'll get some more up very soon! thank you!

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[03 Aug 2004|01:17am]

[ mood | bored ]

-being all by myself for 12 hours with nothing to do
-my mom claiming shes broke and she needs us to pay more rent when she can still afford a 6-pack every morning
-any community that requires pictures and/or an application
-my ramen noodles not turning out right
-people who talk to you once or twice and think they have the answers for all the problems in your life
-maybenow changing journals so now I dont know who to add to my friends list
-not knowing more about politics
-not being able to play beloved computer games for fear of running into an ex-boyfriend there
-my shitty hard drive
-my slow internet connection
-losing 1700 mp3s thanks to the shitty hard drive
-breaking nails while kicking my sister's ass
-southern heat
-having a headache every night for the past 5 nights
-no one being online... besides ME

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[26 Jul 2004|08:51am]

[ mood | irritated ]

Why is it that when you tell someone if they say something you're gonna punch them and then they say it so you punch them and then they complain that they got punched?

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the ultimate whine. [21 Jul 2004|02:14pm]
whine whine whine. what's under your skin right now?

_really trendy kids that won't admit they're trendy
_people without cars that guilt me into taking them places
_my cellphone (argh!)
_my apartment, i need a major change up
_not knowing where i'll be in a month
_slow internet connections
_skanky whores, of course
_pretend friends
_bellpeppers and raisins, obviously
_being fat, yes, fat.
_not knowing who my friends are
_being expected to trust when all i receive are lies
_people in this community not joining in on the whinefest
_my reluctance to sit down and read
_being on my rag. urgh.
_missing the kids
_someone stole my labyrinth dvd
_telling people how i really feel
_my lack of cute purses
_not sending out as much mail as i receive
_needless to say, bills
_being really tired at work

...and a million more things.
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[13 Jul 2004|04:00pm]

dear mr sun,
        you suck

love ed

yesterday while sitting at the commons (next to the art school) reading a book/waiting for the dear kristine girl lady ma'am to get out for lunch, and i didnt notice until probably like 4 or 4:30ish (i had been there since 8 am) that my arms were burned like whoa
and then i notice when i get home and put earphones on that the back of my ears are burnt also, very shitty hah

but what a way to spend a birthday eh?
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[13 Jul 2004|01:09pm]

I check this community every single day and no one ever posts. :(
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this makes me so happy. [29 Jun 2004|08:26am]

let's unite.
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